Kisae power products serve in EMS vehicles around the globe.

Kisae Pro for Emergency Vehicles

Emergency situations can occur at any moment, so Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Emergency Response Teams (EMT) need equipment they can rely on to perform flawlessly and repeatedly at a moments notice. Since it is a mobile unit, onboard power systems need to be at a constant peak efficiency. They need reliable power electronics that can recharge batteries fast and accurately, and be able to dependably draw pure sine wave AC power from them without any threat of interference to the performance of critical lifesaving systems. KISAE Pro power products deliver clean power when its needed most. Sensitive medical equipment such as IV warmers, ventilation fans, pumps, defibrillator, and other computerized devices all work flawlessly on KISAE Pro's Pure Sine Wave output.

Power Inverters

KISAE Pro power inverters take DC power and converts it into household AC power for running appliances and electronic equipment when utility power is unavailable. Models range from 400 watts to 3000 watts in both Modified and Pure Sine Wave versions.

Battery Chargers

KISAE Abso line of multi-stage battery chargers are fully automatic chargers that provide the ability to charge 3 separate battery banks  simultaneously. They are the ultimate set and forget chargers designed to quickly and accurately recharge your deep cycle batteries using charger algorithms that help to maximize the life of your AGM, Gel, Flooded and Lithium batteries.

Product in the Field

Abso 1260 Smart Charger

60A/12V Multi-stage Battery Charger

A 60A/12V smart, multi-stage battery charger that rapidly and safely replenishes large capacity AGM, Gel, Flooded, and Lithium Batteries through 3 Stage Charging: Bulk, Absorption, Float. It offers Priority Bank Charging to do a “priority” charge on your main battery and be up and running again faster.  Also, battery bank one can be programmed with a different charge algorithm over banks two and three.

Product in the Field

The SW400 is a high-efficiency pure sine wave power inverter that converts virtually all of your 12V battery’s available power to premium AC current, and provides best performance of your sensitive onboard electronics and demanding motor loads. Ideal for operating audio/video applications and ensuring sensitive motor loads run at optimal efficiency, meaning potentially longer equipment life.

SW400: Sinewave Inverter

400W of household AC power

Our powerful argument against the status quo.

The New Power Structure.

Engineered to deliver leading-edge performance across the board.

Muscle Power.

KISAE Pro power products are muscle through & through. Never be at a loss for power.

Size Matters.

KISAE packs a lot of power in a small amount of space.

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