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KISAE Portable for Campers

Today's camping and outdoor enthusiast is not only tech savvy, but power savvy as well. They want alternative ways to power their devices – 'green' power free of fumes and threat of environmental damage. Their list of power demands range from recharging GPS units, digital cameras, and smart phones, to LED lights, radios, laptops, tablets and more. KISAE Portable offers proven power solutions to appease and appeal to this new breed of campers who want safe, intelligent power  anytime, anywhere.

First is the PP100, a 100-watt Lithium-based compact power pack with multiple USB ports and an AC outlet. The other is the PP800, an 800-watt power pack that offers mobile device recharging capability via a USB port, an AC outlet, LED status indicators, a convenient carry handle and includes jump start capability in case the need arises to jump start a vehicle.

Product in the Field

Powerpack 800

800W of AC power with jump start capability

The Powerpack 800 is an ideal power source to run power tools, televisions, lights, computers, and more.  These sealed lead-acid based products provide the confidence that comes from never having to run out of power, and the security that comes from being able to use them indoors without any fuel requirements and the associated fumes.  They feature AC outlets and USB ports for charging your handheld devices, and have a built-in jump-start capability.

Here’s our powerful argument against the status quo.

The New Power Structure.

Engineered to deliver leading-edge performance across the board.

Muscle Power.

KISAE Portable power products are muscle through & through. Never be at a loss for power.

Size Matters.

KISAE Portable packs a lot of power in a small amount of space.

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