Kisae combines the best of both worlds, uniting its true sinewave DC to AC power inverter with its smart Abso battery charger technology.

ABSO Inverter-Chargers

KISAE combines the best of both worlds, uniting its True sinewave DC to AC power inverter technology with its smart Abso battery charger and puts this synergetic pairing into one compact package. KISAE Abso inverter-chargers convert 12V battery power into utility-grade household power, allowing you to effortlessly run loads up to 3000 watts...ANYWHERE. The multi-stage charging algorithm accurately recharges batteries safely and efficiently.

Features include a low battery alarm and shutdown to prevent total battery discharge; an over-load and over-temperature shutdown to ensure that the inverter will not become overheated or subjected to power demands beyond its rated capability; and include an integrated transfer switch with supplementary circuit breaker. This function provides a seamless transition between shore power and battery power while the automatic AC load sensing feature will prevent tripping the shore power circuit breaker.

The efficient product design of the Abso inverter-charger means an extremely compact footprint, accommodating installation in a variety of tight space locations. The detachable digital display can be mounted anywhere throughout the cabin space for convenient end-user remote control. The Abso inverter-charger was created to offer reliable AC power and battery charging capabilities to enhance your boating, RVing, trucking, rural residence and remote cabin experience.

High and Low Frequency designs are also available in a host of international AC output sockets. Please inquire for the specific outlet you require for your country.


Kisae combines the best of both worlds, uniting its true sinewave DC to AC power inverter with its smart Abso battery charger technology into one compact package; one that offers the convenience of producing utility grade household power from the battery and the ability to replenish the battery once it runs down.


High frequency design inverter-charger products offer compact size and weight.  Low frequency design inverter-charger products are ideal for heavy-duty loads and for recharging large battery banks.


KISAE Inverter-Charger’s unique load sensing feature reduces the No Load current draw when loads less than 10 watts are attached. This feature checks the load connected to the inverter-charger: if the load is >10W, then the inverter remains ON, but if the load is <10W, it will shut down the output, ensuring that only minimal power is drawn from the battery. [/av_textblock] [/av_one_fourth][av_one_fourth] [av_image src='' attachment='6971' attachment_size='full' align='center' animation='pop-up' link='' target='' styling='' caption='' font_size='' appearance=''][/av_image] [av_textblock size='14' font_color='' color=''] THE TRUE POWER OF KISAE

The KISAE Abso Inverter/Chargers feature true sinewave output, identical to or better than electrical power provided by the local utility company. This waveform is ideal for operating audio/video applications and ensuring motor loads run at optimal efficiency, meaning potentially longer equipment life.

High Frequency – ABSO Inverter-Chargers

KISAE's Abso line of high-frequency design inverter-charger products are ideal for everyday use and offer the user a sleek, compact size in an extremely lightweight package.

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