High Frequency Series

ABSO IC-121040 Inverter-Charger

Convert Battery Power to Household AC Power and Recharge Your Batteries

  • Run your household appliances in your truck, boat or RV
  • True Sine Wave output to run motor loads and sensitive electronics
  • Multi-stage charger will charge your deep cycle batteries quickly and efficiently
  • Integrated transfer switch allows you to switch seamlessly from shore power to battery power
  • Ideal inverter for running microwave ovens, kitchen appliances, and consumer electronics

IC-121040 Product Details


Features and Benefits

  • Low frequency design with high surge capability to start demanding loads
  • True sinewave output will run heavy-duty motor loads and entertainment systems flawlessly
  • Low battery shutdown to prevent total battery discharge
  • System remote panel (included) provides vital system information
  • Over temperature shutdown
  • Mounting brackets and high quality DC connectors make installation simple
  • Approved to UL, CSA, and European regulatory standards

Dimensions (W x L x H):

IC 121040:   9 x 18.8 x 4.5” (230 x 478 x 114mm)


IC 121040:   12.5 lb (5.7kg)

Inverter / Charger

(High Frequency)

IC 121040

IC 121040i
AC Output
AC Output Power (Continuous)1000W1000W
AC Output Power (Peak)2000W2000W
AC Output Voltage / Frequency120 VAC / 60 Hz230 VAC / 50 Hz
AC Output Current8.3A4.3A
AC Output WaveformTrue Sinewave (< 3% THD)True Sinewave (< 3% THD)
Peak Efficiency90%90%
DC Input
Voltage (nominal)12.5Vdc12.5Vdc
Operation Range10.5 - 15.5Vdc10.5 - 15.5Vdc
Inverter Standby Current< 1.5A< 1.5A
Input Undervoltage Shutdown10.5/11.0Vdc10.5/11.0Vdc
Input Overvoltage Shutdown15.5Vdc15.5Vdc
Display Panel
Indicator (LED)Status, DisplayStatus, Display
Digital DisplayInput Voltage, Output Power, Warning and Error CodeInput Voltage, Output Power, Warning and Error Code
Battery Charger
Charger Voltage Range13.5 - 14.4V13.5 - 14.4V
Float Voltage Range13.4 - 13.8V13.4 - 13.8V
Charger current40A40A
Charger Battery TypeGel, Flooded, AGM, FixedGel, Flooded, AGM, Fixed
AC Input Voltage/Frequency120 VAC / 60 Hz230 VAC / 50 Hz
AC Transfer Switch
Transfer Time< 30ms< 30ms
Transfer Relay Rating30A16A
Regulatory Compliance
ConformanceUL & CSA StandardsLVD, EMC
Weight12.5 lbs5.7 kg
Dimension9.0 x 18.8 x 4.5"230 x 478 x 114mm

Other Products In The Series

Available Accessories

KISAE manufactures a fine line of accessories designed specifically to make your experience with the ABSO IC-121040 Inverter-Charger a complete and enjoyable one.

  • Inverter Remote - On/Off Switch
  • Inverter Cable Set for Inverters <1200W
  • Inverter Cable Set for Inverters >2200W
  • Transfer Switch 15A
  • Transfer Switch 20A

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