Kisae offers the ultimate set-and-forget battery chargers, designed to quickly and accurately recharge and maximize the life of your batteries.

ABSO Battery Chargers

KISAE's Abso line of smart battery chargers offers fully automatic, multi-stage battery charging, plus the ability to charge three (3) separate battery banks. The ultimate set-and-forget charger, these products incorporate special charging algorithms designed to quickly and accurately recharge and maximize the life of AGM, Gel, Flooded or Lithium batteries. These chargers will also charge multiple battery chemistries simultaneously.

Features and Benefits


Abso Battery Chargers use advanced charging algorithms to rapidly and safely replenish large capacity AGM, Gel, Flooded and Lithium batteries to peak efficiency. Abso Chargers deliver four primary charge stages: Bulk, Absorption, Float and Maintenance. This results in a battery that is ready for use faster and improves battery life.


The Abso Charger is a Three-bank battery charger that allows the user to decide which battery is the most important. It will deliver a priority charge to Bank One, allowing this bank to get charged the quickest, then shift the cycle to battery banks Two and Three. In the event that all three banks need a recharge, an override function can recover all three banks quickly and evenly before switching back to Bank One Priority.


By leaving your Abso Charger connected to your batteries, even during off-season storage periods when the batteries are not in use, the Abso Charger will automatically maintain your battery’s charge by running a fresh charge algorithm every 7 days.  The Abso Charger’s intelligence ensures that the batteries are maintained so they are in top performance when the new season begins and you are ready to use your batteries.


The smart Abso Charger will regulate its output based on the loads connected to your battery banks. If one battery is discharging quickly due to loads on the battery, Kisae’s Abso charging technology will automatically increase the rate of charge to that bank.

Multi-Stage Battery Charging:

Rapidly and safely replenishes large capacity AGM, Gel, Flooded, and Lithium Batteries through 3 Stage Charging: Bulk, Absorption and Float

Priority Bank Charging:

The Abso chargers have an isolated charging design whereby bank one is separate from bank two and three, allowing you to do a “priority” charge on your main battery and be up and running again faster. Also, battery bank one can be programmed with a different charge algorithm over banks two and three.

Digital LCD Display:

LCD display with back lighting makes programming and understanding the charger simple

Easy Installation:

Installation is a snap with the easy-access AC and DC wiring compartments. Compact design and small footprint mean the charger can be installed in tight areas.

Travel Abroad and Use Anywhere:

Auto-ranging AC input voltage (90-270VAC, 47-63Hz) allows the chargers to be used world-wide.

Silent Mode:

Unique setting for night-time use

Why Choose KISAE

KISAE is a unique power solutions company that believes in challenging the status quo.

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