DC power source charged by PV solar panel

SPB 800: 800W DC Power Box

KISAE SPB 800 DC Power Box: PWM

  • An accessible & affordable energy system rechargeable from the sun.
  • Clean DC power to run lights, rechargeable phones and DC appliances.
  • Easily installed anywhere simply by connecting to a PV solar panel.
  • Can be configured according to your unique installation and application needs.
  • A complete power solution.

SPB-800 Product Details


Features and Benefits

  • Confidence of never running out of power.
  • Indefinite battery recharge capability via the sun.
  • Completely Safe for indoor use – silent with no fumes.
  • Compatible with any solar battery. MPPT Charge Controller provides maximum power from solar panels.
  • No fuel requirement.
  • Battery Temperature Sensor built-in to optimize battery charging.
Solar Power StationSPS 800
Solar Controller
Charge ControllerPulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Maximum PV Voltage29.0 Vdc
Maximum PV Current10A
Input Voltage Range16 – 26Vdc
Number of ControllersOne
Maximum Input Power160W
Nominal DC Output12 Vdc
Parasitic Current<10mA
Connector TypeMC4 (1 set)
Bulk Charge Voltage14.7V @ 25C (2.45V / cell @ 25C)
Float Voltage13.6V @ 25C (2.27V / cell @ 25C)
USB Output
‘1.5A’5V, 1.5A
‘Data’PC interface use
DC Connection
DC 1,212V 1A Max (ID 5.5 – 2.1 mm)
DC 312V 3A Max (ID 5.5 – 2.1 mm)
DC 412V 10A Max (PP15)
DC 512V 10A Max (Lighter Socket)
Battery Temperature Sensor
Temp. Sensor ConnectionInternal
Battery System Voltage12V DC System
Battery CapacitySingle 12V, 80Ah C20
Battery TypeSilicon / Crystal Sealed Lead Acid
Regulatory ApprovalCE

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