DC to DC Battery Charger Series

Abso DMT-1230 Battery Charger

In-vehicle optimal charging and maintenance for marine and RV deep-cycle batteries.

  • Dual Input Capability: MPPT Solar Input & Auxiliary Input.
  • Multi-stage battery charger ensures that your batteries are charged the way battery manufacturers recommend.
  • Small footprint, extremely compact design.
  • Saves money by maximizing battery life.

DMT-1230 Product Details


Features and Benefits:

  • DC to DC Battery Charger
  • Microprocessor controlled multi-stage charging algorithms (bulk, absorption, float) for gel, flooded and AGM batteries and equalization for flooded batteries
  • Silent mode for quiet operation
  • MPPT solar regulator allows you to provide maximum power from solar panels to battery
  • Optional remote allows you to view system information
Abso DC - DC Battery ChargerDMT 1230
DC Controller Output (Battery):
Output Current (Maximum)30A
Output Voltage Range:
Charge13.5 - 15.5 V
Float13.0 - 13.8 V for 12V Battery
Equalize15.5 V
Charging ControlFive Stages (Test/Bulk/Absorption/Float/Recharge)

Four Stages (Test/Bulk/Absorption/Recharge)

Constant Power Supply (Program Setting)

DC Output BankOne
Selectable Battery TypeGel, AGM, Flooded, Lithium, Program
Parasitic Current< 10 uA
Efficiency> 90%
DC Input (Battery/Alternator):
DC Input Range10.5 - 32 Vdc
DC Input Nominal Operation12.8 V charging system
25.6V for 24V charging system
Engine Start Control: ONDC Input from Battery/Alternator
Engine Start Control: OFFDC Input from PV Input (if available)
DC Input (PV Input):
DC Input Range10.5 - 32 Vdc
DC Input Nominal Operation17.5Vdc for 12V PV panels connected in parallel

35.0Vdc for Dual 12V PV panel connected in series

MPPT Tracking Efficiency>98%
DC Output Protection and Features:
Reverse BatteryYes (shutdown)

Automatically reset

DC Output Short CircuitYes (shutdown)

Automatically reset

Over ChargeYes (shutdown)
Over TemperatureYes (de-rated and shutdown)
DC Fuse2*15A, 32V
CoolingForce Air Ventilation
Temperature SettingHot, Nominal, Cold (no sensor connected)
Battery Temperature Sensor PortRJ12 (optional battery temperature sensor use)
Digital Display PortRJ12 (optional display panel use)
Indicator on unitFlashing Green LED: Charging in process
Solid green LED: Fully Charged
Built-in Display or through RJ12 PortLED Display with back lighting
Charging status, Battery Voltage
Warning and Fault CodeOn unit: Fault LED (red)
Digital Display: A01, E01-09
DC Output Connection:
Power ConnectionHeavy Duty Connector
Accessory (Optional):
Remote DisplayHeavy Duty Connector
Battery Temperature SensorYes (battery temperature sensing)

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KISAE manufactures a fine line of accessories designed specifically to make your user experience with our products more complete and enjoyable. Below is the accessory available for this product:

  • Battery Charger Remote

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