KISAE Leisure

KISAE Leisure power products are ideally suited for the needs of the Leisure customer – boaters, RV/caravan owners, campers, and truckers – wanting to run their household comforts and and recharge their devices when travels take them far and away from household utility power.

Power Inverters

KISAE power inverters take DC power and converts it into household AC power for running appliances and electronic equipment when utility power is unavailable. Models range from 400 watts to 3000 watts in both Modified and Pure Sine Wave versions.

Battery Chargers

KISAE Abso chargers are the ultimate set-and-forget charger, designed to quickly and accurately recharge your deep cycle batteries, whether AGM, Flooded or Lithium.


KISAE Abso inverter-chargers convert 12V battery power into Pure Sine Wave household AC power, allowing you to run loads up to 3000 watts. It features a built-in multi-state charger to ensure batteries are recharged safely and efficiently as well as an integrated transfer switch with supplementary breaker. This provides for a smooth transition between shore power and battery power, while the automatic AC load sensing feature will prevent tripping the shore power circuit breaker.

The KISAE Leisure Concept

When we began work on the KISAE Leisure concept, we considered size, weight, footprint, ease of use, ruggedness, durability, all-weather reliability.

We challenged ourselves to find the best, most forward-looking way possible to engineer for every element that defines a reliable power product for today's RVer or boater's needs.

When we put it all together, the results were something that provides an extremely powerful argument against the utility status quo.

  • Idea

    It started with an idea, a subtle, 'Hey, what if...' But sometimes to find the answer to a 'what if' means you have to look in a completely different direction. For us, we considered every element that defines a new-generation power product, and challenged ourselves to find the best, most forward-looking way to engineer each one of them.

  • Direction

    Out of the idea stage comes a direction, an innovative pathway that seems to satisfy the need and move the idea forward. We begin a concept development and testing phase to seek out and gauge consumer reaction and interest in the overall idea of the new product.

  • Discovery

    Suddenly, there is that Aha! moment. That 'eureka' that comes along and illuminates the way for us. It opens a door to a world of energy that propels our efforts forward.

  • Design

    When it comes to design, we consider every aspect – is it simple, is it elegant, and is it also quiet. To achieve this, we rethink every detail: air resistance throughout the system, maximized airflow as well as thermal capacity, and conducting heat uniformly across the board. We look for avenues of innovation, of expandability of system capabilities, and improving upon such a high-performance device at every juncture.

  • Delivery

    To design a great product is one thing, but it falls flat if we can't produce it efficiently and consistently. By leveraging the incredible production power of industry-leading electronics companies in China, we're able to build a product that's impeccably constructed and beautiful in every detail, exactly as it was envisioned by our designers and engineers in Vancouver, Canada.

Our powerful argument against the utility status quo.

The New Power Structure.

Engineered to deliver leading-edge performance across the board.

Muscle Power.

KISAE Leisure power products are muscle through & through. Never be at a loss for power.

Size Matters.

KISAE pack a lot of power in a small amount of space.

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