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KISAE TECHNOLOGY is an international power solutions company that designs, markets, and sells a complete line of advanced power product solutions into over 40 countries around the world. Every day we challenge the belief that society has to be tied to the grid in order to have access to electricity. This challenge is realized in KISAE’s new-gen power products. These ‘green’ solutions daily touch the lives of people throughout the globe in:

  • Industry, for powering critical onboard systems in emergency vehicles, fleet trucking and warehouse vehicles.
  • Leisure, for powering onboard systems in RV and Marine markets.
  • Portable Power situations for camping and business travellers.
  • Emergency Backup, to provide power for homes and businesses during power outages and storms.
  • Solar Power, for off-grid ‘green’ remote homes and cottages.
  • Rural Electrification, providing dependable, reliable ‘green’ power for use in homes, schools, businesses, hospitals and medical clinics in the developing Third World.


KISAE believes in challenging the status quo.

Every day we challenge the belief that a society has to be tied to utility power in order to have access to electric power. We envision a world liberated from its dependence on the grid, a world with free access to power anywhere, anytime.

It’s not a dream.

Our products are the tangible proof of our belief in this cause.

We invite you to join us in our quest. Together, we can make the world a brighter place.

Kisae Product Models

  • Home Power

    KISAE has designed a complete line of plug and play solar kits that produce power from internal batteries. Stored electricity is generated from solar panels during the day or from the utility grid overnight when rates are low.

  • True Sinewave Inverters

    Convert DC battery power to household AC power with this line of inverter products that deliver output as good as, or better than, utility-supplied power.

  • True Sinewave Inverter-Chargers

    Convert DC battery power to household AC power, and are able to replenish your batteries cleanly and efficiently from shore power.

  • Portable Power

    KISAE has a variety of portable power solutions to fit your needs for around your home, campsite, or workplace. Watt can we do for you today?

Servicing markets around
the world

KISAE markets and sells advanced power electronics products to users like you all over the world. Our primary focus is to touch the lives of people in the following key markets:

Solar Energy


Portable Power

Emergency Backup


Kisae Technologies | Our Global Markets

New Product Highlight

*NEW* Home Power Systems
Models: HS400, HS800 and HS1800

KISAE has launched a new line of PowerBoxes™ that provide DC (and, in some cases AC) power to run important lighting, appliances, and electronics in the home.  Three sizes will be available: a 400, 800 and 1800 watt version, with each PowerBox™ model arriving as a Home Solar Kit, complete with a 30Ah deep cycle battery which can be replenished with a controlled charge from the sun via a 40W solar panel included in the kit.

For some, these kits will drastically improve their everyday lives.

Home Power Systems

New Product Highlight

DC – DC Battery Chargers

*NEW* Models: DMT1230 and DMT1250

Offering smart micro-processor controlled battery charging solutions that will quickly and completely recharge deep cycle batteries is nothing new to KISAE.  What is new is that we are now launching our new DC-DC chargers that allow RV’ers and Boaters to recharge their batteries from solar panels or engine batteries.

New Product Highlight

*NEW* 24 volt line of Pure Sinewave Inverter Products

KISAE has become a leading brand in 12 Volt DC-AC power inverters.  Now see our new line of 24 Volt sinewave inverters for those with 24VDC batteries.

24 Volt Inverters

Available in the USA at:


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