Kisae Home Power Systems provide rechargeable power sources for the home, offering clean power to run lights, communication devices and appliances - all rechargeable from the sun.

Home Power Systems

KISAE has designed a complete line of packaged plug-and-play backup power systems that provide power from internal batteries for emergency relief during power outages. Intended for home or business use, the batteries can be recharged and replenished by either utility or solar power.

KISAE Home Power System products provide many benefits including:

  • Confidence of never running out of power
  • Indefinite battery recharge capability
  • No fuel requirements
  • Completely safe for indoor use
  • Silent operation and no fumes
  • cETLus for North America and CE approved for Europe


The Home Solar Kits feature everything you need to produce your own power from the sun in one box. Combining DC-AC power inverters, batteries, AC chargers, solar charge controllers, and the connectors for your PV panel, the Home Solar Kits take the mystery out of sourcing all the components you require to product your own energy


The Home Solar Kit 1800's flexible modular design allows for additional battery connectivity either through augmenting supply with a KISAE Auxiliary Battery Box or by connecting to your own 12V battery bank.


Unlike gas generators, the KISAE home solar kits are completely safe for indoor use, operating silently and producing no harmful fumes or emissions.


KISAE Home Solar Kits are the ideal safeguard to have in your home for those times when the power goes out.  Peace of mind comes from knowing that even in extreme weather conditions – when generated power normally fails – you will not be without lights or communications, and your food supply will stay refrigerated.  A built-in transfer switch ensures that the loads will keep on running whether you are home when the power goes out or not.

KISAE Home Power Systems

Fully Contained Kit:

Each KISAE Home Solar Kit contains everything you need to produce power and recharge from the sun. Inside each kit is a power inverter, a battery, an AC charger, a solar charge controller, and a transfer switch.

Modular Design:

The Home Solar 1800 is designed for adding additional battery capacity, either by adding a KISAE Auxiliary Battery Box, or by connecting to your own 12V battery bank.

Digital LCD Display:

LCD display provides information about your battery capacity, the power draw of the load(s) you are operating, and any error condition.

Backup Power:

Built-in transfer switch ensures that your key appliances and devices will continue to operate uninterrupted when a power outage occurs.


KISAE Home Solar Kits have been tested and approved to meet cETLus regulatory standards for North America, and CE standards for Europe.

Why Choose KISAE

KISAE is a unique power solutions company that believes in challenging the status quo.

We do this by cultivating innovative ideas in alternative energy and turning those ideas into products that are simple and easy for people to use - every day.

We work to bring clean energy to power your world, from Alaska to Zimbabwe, at the office or job site, the home or the cottage, the campsite or onboard a boat, truck, or motorhome.

We work to provide Fresh Ideas to power your world.

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